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Percy St.-John Percy Book Icon And The Chronicle of Secrets

1911 . St. Ambrose Monastery

Percy St.-John is a fifteen-year-old safe-cracking genius working for the French Intelligence Service, or he did until he gave in to impulse and made off with a valuable painting. Now, instead of jail, the French have locked Percy in a remote alpine monastery for a year where he is ordered to "reflect and reform."

Image: Percy St. John, bowing almost in prayer, dressed in monk's clothing. Image: Behind him is a dark forest

Manuscript Icon .A Missing Manuscript

When a manuscript that may hold the key to mankind’s greatest hopes and fears goes missing, of course, everyone knows Percy did it. After all, he is a thief.

New Section Image: Trees rise up in front of an old shaddowy structure. Image: St. Ambrose Monastery comes into focus. Image: A clear sky

Evil Eye Icon A search that will uncover an ancient evil

Only Brother Gabriel, a monk about Percy’s age, doubts Percy’s guilt. In a journey for answers, the two find themselves caught in a tangle of evil and mystery. A dead priest, an unbreakable cipher, a torrent of angry demons, and a manuscript with dark plans for mankind will test Percy’s faith in all that is good and right.

New Section Image: The sillouette of two boys running out of a forest. Image: From the shadows, demons chase them. Image: Many demons. Image: The sky glows red as they gain on them. Image: The forest grows dark again.
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